AITP June Event

Stacy Eldridge brings nearly 20 years of cybersecurity and digital investigative experience to her new business, Silicon Prairie Cyber Services LLC, where she focuses on breaking the code on data protection for businesses, their information, and their customers through consulting and education services. Stacy also provides data recovery and digital investigation services. Stacy launched her career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation by spending nearly a decade as a Senior Forensic Examiner on the Computer Analysis Response Team where she worked a variety of digital investigations such as intrusion, child exploitation, and terrorism. She was part of the team that secured the first material support of terrorism conviction. During Stacy’s last assignment at the FBI she was responsible for developing and delivering training to forensic examiners. Stacy then spent five years building the data loss prevention program at General Electric while working closely with the insider threat team to use innovative technology and procedures to protect crown jewels and intellectual property for over 90,000 employees across the globe. Her team also worked to conduct swift investigations in the cases of loss. Before launching her own company Stacy was working to protect critical infrastructure at Lincoln Electric System as the Cyber Security Manager responsible for developing strategies to protect both information technology systems and operational technology systems. Stacy has also served as a coach for the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists for a number of years and serves as an adjunct professor at the OSU Institute of Technology.

Stacy has the following certifications: GSEC, GCCC, GCFE, ACE, and CFCE and received her

Masters of Science from Bellevue University in 2006.

Location: Online Video Conference

Event Time: 6:30 PM CST

Link To Attend Event:
Meeting number: 126 525 8176

Password: QEyahnWn445 (73924696 from phones and video systems)

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