Board of Directors

Our 2023 Board of Directors

President – Kim Cartwright
Manages the chapter’s overall goals and direction for the year, while maintaining positive relations with the national office
and chapter membership

• Organize, plan, and facilitate the growth and success of the chapter
• Set the agenda for chapter/officer meetings
• Communicate regularly with the chapter advisor and officers
• Ensure that the chapter remains registered and in positive standing with all appropriate campus offices
• Hold chapter leadership accountable for chapter goals and performance, and oversee officer transitions
• With the chapter advisor, facilitate the member recruitment process
• Act as a liaison between the national office and local chapter

Vice President of Membership/Public Relations – Sue Schlake
Fosters awareness of ITPO and its activities among potential members and the community at large

• Increase activeness in the chapter
• Plan and coordinate chapter’s Public Relations Campaigns and other member recruitment activities
• Publicize chapter meeting, events and member accomplishments
• Participate in Organization conferences, Welcome activities, etc.
• Update the AITP Chapter Facebook and Twitter page with events and pictures

Vice President of Education – Daniel Nickel
Leader to educate, encourage and retain chapter members and students

• Promote ITPO (both communication and leadership)
• Create the meeting schedule for speakers, evaluators and other roles
• Encourage members to work on advanced chapter projects
• Running the mentor program: assign and supervise
• Setting goals with members
• Conducting training for ITPO membership
• Sign off on members award applications and speeches
• Visit Freshman Orientations/Seminars, Honors Classes, Residence Halls, etc. to provide publicity for the ITPO Lincoln chapter

Treasurer – Peter Amisano

• Prepare seasonal chapter budgets, and coordinate disbursement of chapter checks with the national office
• Manage and oversee all financial transactions for the chapter, including reimbursement of expenses
• Plan all chapter fundraising activities

Secretary – Dillon Petschke

Keeps an organized and detailed account of chapter activities and happenings/Oversees chapter finances and tracks member involvement


• Manager of ITPO Website and Social Media Accounts
• Report chapter activities and member involvement to the national office
• Record minutes and attendance for all chapter/officer meetings
• Maintain records for a member tracking/rewards program (if applicable)
• Distribute all information about national opportunities to members and officer board.
• Facilitate all correspondence and distribution of materials to chapter membership
• Provides national office with relevant documents, photographs, etc.

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